Taking Position

In advance of the Always Already Computational: Library Collections as Data national forum, all participants were asked to write position statements in response to the following prompt:

Leading up to the forum, [we] ask that you write a brief position statement derived from direct or related experience salient to the scope of work described in Always Already Computational. We welcome bridging, divergence, and provocation. Is there something concrete or conceptual we are missing? Are there projects and initiatives this work should be connected to? Are there questions and communities we aren’t currently considering? This is an opportunity to highlight aspects of your experience that relate to the project and will to some extent help stage interaction at the face-to-face meeting - and beyond - as the project team works to iteratively refine forum outputs in a range of professional and disciplinary communities.

Perspectives represented in the position statements highlight the many directions collections as data work could go. The statements will certainly inform the work of the forum, and consequently the iterative community based development of project outcomes - first stop: Society of American Archivists.

Below you will find the compiled position statements. As always, if the work of this project inspires you and you are looking for a way to get involved please do reach out.

Always Already Computational - National Forum Position Statements

Thomas Padilla (University of California Santa Barbara)

Laurie Allen (University of Pennsylvania)

Stewart Varner (University of Pennsylvania)

Sarah Potvin (Texas A&M University)

Elizabeth Russey Roke (Emory University)

Hannah Frost (Stanford University)