Shaping Humanities Data at Digital Humanities 2017 Schedule

Shaping Humanities Data at Digital Humanities 2017


August 7, 2017


  • Introductions, Schedule, Project Update


  • Reusable Computational Processing of Large-Scale Digital Humanities Collections (Marciano and Jansen)
  • MARCing the Boundary: Reusing Special Collections Records through the Early Novels Database (Kashyap and Van Tine)
  • Leveraging Core Data for the Cultural Heritage of the Medieval Middle East (Schwartz)


  • Lessons learned through the Smelly London project (Leem)
  • Historical Public Health Data Curation: Indiana State Board of Health Monthly Bulletin Project (Pollock and Coates)
  • Javanese Theatre as Data (Varela)
  • High Performance Computing for Photogrammetry Made Easy (Dombrowski, Gniady, Simpson, Meridith-Lobay)


  • Using IIIF to answer the Data Needs of Digital Humanists (Di Cresce)
  • Demonstrating A Multidisciplinary Collections API (Almas and Baumgardt)


  • Collections as Data Workshopping


  • Umbra Search as Data: A digital sandbox to cross the digital divide (Marcus)
  • Audio Analysis for Spoken Text Collections (Clement and McLaughlin)


  • Facilitating Global Historical Research on the Semantic Web: MEDEA (Tomasek and Vogeler)
  • Mending the Vendor: Correction and Exploratory Augmentation of Collections as Data (Locke)
  • Learning through Use: A case study on setting up a research fellowship to learn more about how one of our collections works as computationally amenable data (Severson and Vejvoda)
  • Addressing Copyright and IP Concerns when using Text Collections as Data (Senseney, Dickson, and Tracy)
  • Libraries as Publishers of a New Bibliographical Unit (Claeyssens)


  • Wrap-Up