Serendipitous Collections as Data

Last week, Collections as Data held its national forum. During the forum we decided to forego a focus on talks and instead dedicated the bulk of time to participants working in small groups on collections as data challenges. The project team is currently spending time getting this work ready for public release - hoping for soonerish rather than laterish.

In the interim, we thought it would be ⚑ fun ⚑ to create a platform for sharing collections as data ideas. Drawing on Jason Heppler’s whatisdigitalhumanities, our implementation provides random, serendipitous-like access to collections as data ideas generated leading up to the forum, during the forum, and … hopefully by you!

Serendipitous Collections as Data

Thomas Padilla (University of California Santa Barbara)

Laurie Allen (University of Pennsylvania)

Stewart Varner (University of Pennsylvania)

Sarah Potvin (Texas A&M University)

Elizabeth Russey Roke (Emory University)

Hannah Frost (Stanford University)